Hey Beautiful!

I am Santina,

Here to help bring Balance to your life.

My Mission

I am a fun loving mum of 2 beautiful children.

A total introvert who loves a good book to whine down with.

I have Lupus and Sjorgen’s syndrome. I was diagnosed with this when I had
fallen extremely ill and was not getting any better.  We all have a
pre-dispersition to something, but being over worked, over stressed, over
trained and under ate caused mine to come to light.

When I became sick I lost all motivation to move my body, I became depressed,
anxious, what food I did eat, I turned to eating sugary foods and reaching for
the nearest alcoholic drink to suppress how I was feeling.

I guess you can now say I have now been on both ends of the rope.

My mission is to now help as many women and educate on how to train mindfully,
eat correctly, set boundaries and become less stressed.

To become the best version of themselves and GLOW UP.

Why am I the best at this you ask – I was once that woman on both ends of that rope. I have the experience and the knowledge to get out of that rabbit hole and became STRONG and EMPOWERED once again in what I call using a step by step approach in small sustainable habits that you will be able to keep for life without restrictions.

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